Rugby is in one of its best moments on a world level, federation regis-
trations do not stop growing and Spain is no exception. Rugby is

currently the 6th team sport in number of registered players and has an
annual growth of 20% in almost all the regional federations, counties &
In recent years we are living a sporting period in which Rugby appears
as a different sport, which transmits values and a way of life in which
many people can identify.
Rugby provides a spirit of solidarity and unity that leads to lasting

friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty that transcend cultu-
ral, geographic, political and religious differences. Discipline is a fun-
damental part of Rugby both on and off the pitch and is reflected in

adherence to the rules, regulations and fundamental values of Rugby.
Respect for peers, rivals, referees and all those involved in Rugby is

Within the forms of Rugby, Seven’s provides a spectacle for the ama-
teur and the most fun to play. Speed and dexterity are combined in this

format to provide exciting games that delight both the player and the

Every year World Rugby organizes the “Seven Series”, a national tour-
nament that takes place in 10 venues throughout the year, and this is

where our proposal is born, to host an International Seven’ tournament
for National,County, Provincial and Regional selecions for teams with
a very good level, but who are not yet participating in the World Series.

The city

Barcelona is one of the most important tourist cities in the world and
the most visited in Spain with nearly 24 million tourists a year, a city
prepared to receive visitors from all over the world, with excellent
accommodation options and lots of enjoyable activities.
In addition to all this we can have sun and beaches, that very few cities
in the world can offer, such an incredible sporting climate.

The attractiveness that our city offers and the privileged position
that the Barcelona brand has, is what helped us develop the idea

for this tournament. We hope that in a short time it could be con-
solidated as a world reference in Rugby Sevens.

The tournament

The date for the tournament is June 1 and 2,
We would like to offer places for
12 male teams 8 female teams
2 days
300 players

During the whole tournament, participants will have access to
fruit and drinks, and direct access to the beach and sea, which is
right next to our tournament Rugby pitch There will be a chill-out
area to the rest where a DJ will be in charge of the music.
Their will be an Exhibition & promotional events area where we
will host our Rugby fair.
Delivery of prizes to winners, second places, senior players and
best scorer.
Final party at a renowned club in Barcelona.


Media coverage is guaranteed, media from around the world will be
present at the tournament to give information about all its development
during the event.
An exclusive web page for the event will be in charge of promoting and
communicating everything that happens before, during and after the
tournament, we will have a presence in the social networks so that
everyone can be informed of everything that happens.

The El diario Sport newspaper, one of the most read sports newspa-
pers in Spain will be one of those in charge of giving the main media

support, as well as Radio Marca Barcelona, we will also have news
coverage in the main television and news channels throughout the

It should also be noted that since the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, inte-
rest in Rugby Sevens has skyrocketed and television viewing numbers have increased exponentially.


June 1st and 2nd, 2018

For more information please contact

Alejandro Villarreal +34 678 939 155